BuildBook's second upgrade of 2023

BuildBook's second upgrade of 2023

BuildBook Team
May 25, 2023
May 30, 2023

A dedication to craftsmanship ...

It’s the same whether it’s a new home build or renovation job. They both require a lot of time and dedication before your client gets to see the final product. Here at BuildBook, we treat our platform with that same level of craftsmanship 💪. We continually aim to make a product that our pros not only love to use everyday, but one that helps them operate faster and work with clients more efficiently.

2023 has seen improvement after improvement—we've honestly lost track 😵. We hope this most recent renovation to BuildBook is one you’ll all love just as much as we do!

Make sure to follow our products update page so you always know what's new!

Selection Approvals

A top BuildBook feature, Selections took a major climb in the power ranking this week with its new ability to send and capture client approvals 👀

Stop the never-ending loop of chasing your client to get the green light. Send out your project’s selections with a few clicks and create a digital record of every interaction with your client from approvals, denials, and everything in-between. When it comes to getting through a Project fast and efficiently you can’t get held up from purchasing the right materials to finish off a room or home. Now, get back to the job. 

Client selection approvals

Import Price Book

Job costing is one of the most crucial parts to any construction project or business. Proper job costing improves the financial health of your construction company, simplifies estimating, keeps your projects on budget, and improves your profits over time. 

That’s why we’re so pumped 💪 for our new Price Book import feature! Now pros have full ability to import both their Cost Codes and Price Book directly into BuildBook. Streamlining the time it takes to build out your job costing in BuildBook, while also making it easier on pros to update items as the market changes. 

import your price book to BuildBook

We've created the perfect import template, pre-loaded with a full Cost Code Library and Price Book for pros looking to get a jumpstart. It also includes a blank tab to help align any existing Price Book with the import tool.

Upload and track your Bills🧾

Say goodbye to the cluttered mess of paper bill slips and hello to easy Bill-tracking.

If you've got that stack of bills piled up, this newest enhancement to your Financials tab is sure to declutter that mess. 🙏

construction bill tracking

This is just another step to help you fully operate your company inside of BuildBook. Connecting the financial data directly with the workflow of any ongoing project.

What more can you do with Bills?

🧾 Upload and store your bill statements
👀 Track down statements or records
🗓️ Assign payment due dates
✅ Understand which Bills have been paid or unpaid
💰 Track your Project's current costs

Introducing People

You might notice a total revamp to how you manage your contacts in BuildBook 🦺. The new “People” tab gives our pros a more centralized area to add, view, and manage all the people who interact with your company. 

The new way to manage your contact list

What's new with our People update?

  • Easily add a new person from the People tab
  • Add attachments to a person's profile
  • Associate a person to a Vendor
  • See user types, vendor association, and role from one list
  • A person can be pulled from your list when inviting someone to a Project

Upgrades to the BuildBook Scheduler

Your favorite construction project scheduling tool just got an upgrade! Two major enhancements including the ability to add Tasks to Phases and copy a schedule into a Project are bound to make scheduling a light lift.

➡️ Add Tasks when building Phases

Add your tasks into project phases

Whether you prefer to start your schedules by creating phases first or tasks first, your scheduling tool shouldn't work against your preference. With this latest enhancement, you can add any existing tasks into any phase — making it faster and easier to build a schedule in BuildBook 📅. Once you've built out your Task List and are ready to start building your schedule, just create a new Phase and select the Tasks you'd like to add to it. It's that simple!

➡️ Copy a Schedule from Project to Project

Copying Task Lists was released just under a month ago, and the biggest feedback we received was, “What about a project schedule?”.  So our product team thought, yea … what about a schedule 🧐! That’s what lead us down the path to this newest feature enhancement, which gives our pros that exact ability!  Taking the tedious work of rebuilding a Project Schedule and replacing it with just a few clicks of the mouse.

BuildBook Mobile App

We continue to increase the performance and usability of the BuildBook Mobile App 📲. That’s why we’re so fired up about this most recent update!

Task Manager inside the app has taken a big leap forward, creating a more fluid experience for pros and pro team members who are on the job site and need to create Tasks as they go 🛻!

Best ways to create a Task on the mobile app

  1. Directly from the mobile apps dashboard, where you must choose the Project and then add a Task
  2. Inside a selected Projects: project is already assigned and cannot be changed from Task creation view
Enhancements to the BuildBook Mobile App

More features you should know about!

All year long we've dropped some pretty impactful features, beyond what we've featured today. So, here are some features you should still be excited about!

  • Set new Task Status (not started, in progress, on hold, and completed)
  • Create and manage Vendors
  • Create unlimited Project Templates
  • Copy Task Lists from Project to Project


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