BuildBook makes running your business feel as satisfying as demo day (but without the debris)

Our client experience tools help remodelers showcase project work, manage incoming leads, and build client trust from the get-go.

Instant access to every BuildBook feature. 100% risk-free.

You don’t have a client problem, you have a communication problem

BuildBook gives you the tools to solve client problems before they happen.

Marketing Tools

Start attracting high-end remodels

Showcase your latest (and best) projects without wasting time on your website. Share your custom-branded Portfolio with clients you’re psyched to work with, using one simple link.

Showcase your project images and company info on your BuildBook Portfolio page

Add your Portfolio link to your Instagram bio for added exposure to homeowners who need you

Includes one, easy-to-use contact form for potential clients to fill out, no matter where they find you

All your homeowner leads end up in one, simple to manage space

Sales Tools

Qualifying leads faster means more time to grow the business you want

No more sleepless nights wondering if you should throw in the towel and take that 9-5 gig at the big orange box store.

Get a snapshot of your opportunities, reminders, and priorities so you can keep your pipeline full

Instantly access homeowner and property data to help you figure out in seconds whether a sales inquiry is worth the follow-up

Ditch the notepad - stay organized by tracking Notes and To-Dos assigned to each lead

Project Tools

Run multiple projects and maintain steady growth without missing a beat

BuildBook streamlines the flow of project communication with clients, staff, and subcontractors. Like you, managing millions of moving pieces is our specialty.

Keep your daily schedule organized even with multiple projects on the go

Create Projects to easily track and communicate progress and project updates for everyone who needs to know—all in one place

Sleep better knowing that all the little tasks and details were successfully handled during the day

Document homeowner discussions and decisions all in one place, as they happen

Integrate with Dropbox and other cloud-based platforms to keep your business in order

The future of your remodeling business (and your sanity) is in great hands with BuildBook

 Instant access to every BuildBook feature. 100% risk-free.

“I discovered my past clients were happy with the product, but they weren’t happy with the process.”

Meet Geoff McLelland, a remodeler who simplified and scaled his business by upgrading his client experiences with BuildBook.

Ryan M.

Fidelis Remodeling

“We have had nothing but positive feedback from our clients and the designers that we work with. They love the daily update posts!”

Geoff M.

Creative Professional Remodeling

"It was the simplicity of BuildBook that sold me."

Kate M.

Interior Enhancements

“Can't imagine doing another remodel without it. Our client loved it too! It's like Instagram for your house build or remodel project, keeping everyone interested and looking forward to the next step.”

Successful remodelers who rely on BuildBook

Start delighting your clients now

So you can build a business with more profit and fewer headaches.

Instant access to every BuildBook feature. 100% risk-free.