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Our simple, powerful construction management tools make it easy for remodelers to run better projects, deliver exceptional client experiences and improve their bottom line.

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You don’t have a client problem, you have a communication problem

BuildBook gives you the tools to solve client problems before they happen and so much more.

construction scheduling software for remodeling projects

Construction Project Management

Run multiple projects and maintain steady growth without missing a beat

BuildBook streamlines your projects and communication with clients, staff, and subcontractors. Like you, managing millions of moving pieces is our specialty.

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Lightning-fast and easy-to-use Gantt chart scheduling to keep your team and projects on track

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Multi-view Client Selection Management to capture every decision, amount, and document to eliminate any confusion.

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Always-on budget tracking to make sure you and your client are always in sync and your profits are always in line.

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Task management made for busy builders. Create, assign & edit tasks in one window and in the fewest amount of steps possible.

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Communicate with clients, team members, and subs throughout your projects with simple messaging tools that keep everyone up-to-date and every message in one place

BuildBook drag and drop scheduling

Gantt Scheduling

Keep your projects and team on track with lightning-fast Gantt scheduling that’s easy to create, share and maintain.

Client selection status updates in BuildBook

Selection Management

Manage and capture every client decision, amount, and document to eliminate any confusion.

Budget categories in BuildBook

Budget Tracking

Maximize your profits on every job with live budget tracking to keep you and your clients in sync throughout every project.

Task list planner in BuildBook

Task Management

Painless task management for remodelers that dread entering tasks. Create, assign and edit tasks in one window.

Project chat and messaging in BuildBook


All communication in one place with simple messaging tools designed to eliminate email, texting and phone calls.

free construction website for remodeling companies

Construction Marketing & Sales

Win better remodeling projects with bigger budgets

Simple-to-use sales & marketing tools to maintain your CRM, stay on top of your leads, and close more deals.

Contact Manager

Create and maintain detailed records of every contact for quick and easy access.

Create New Leads

Bring all of your new and existing leads into one, easy to track, sales pipeline.

Lead Analysis

Quickly qualify every lead with access to enriched parcel, owner, and property data.

Track Lead Status

Move leads through your sales pipeline and visualize your opportunities by each stage.

Drag, Drop, and Close

Move and track every lead through each stage of the pipeline with just your mouse.

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Home Remodeling Estimating

Accurate estimates and stunning proposals that win more projects

Fast and simple-to-use estimate & proposal tools that win projects and build strong client relationships.

Cost Library & Codes

Create and organize sets of items from available cost codes and easily import them into any estimate

Estimate Templates

Templates keep your projects items, costs & details organized and easy to generate.

Customized Content

Include your company's specific scope of work, contract terms or payment schedule into your estimate.

Full Client Visibility

Choose what parts of your proposal is meant for your client’s to view vs. what your internal team can see.

Branded Proposals

Feature your company's logo, cover image, project team, and branded design in every proposal.

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software for managing clients of remodeling projects

Construction Client Management

More happy clients. Less sleepless nights.

BuildBook removes client stress and headaches with tools that help you deliver what every client needs before they even know they need it.

Client dashboard in BuildBook

Client Dashboard

A beautiful one-stop-shop Client Dashboard where they can access every important detail about their project.

BuildBook is accessible anywhere for builders and remodelers

Accessible Anywhere

Easy-to-access and simple-to-user interface that your puts your brand front and center, available on web and mobile.

Control what the client can see with BuildBook

Client Controls

You have complete power to control (and see) what conversations and info your client can see and access.

Private client messaging rooms in each project with BuildBook

Client Messaging

Private client and team chat rooms in each project to keep all messages separate, secure and easy to find.

Daily client logs in BuildBook

Daily Logs

Keep your clients updated on your progress with one click by sharing which daily logs you want them to see.

The future of your remodeling business (and your sanity) is in great hands with BuildBook

 Instant access to every BuildBook feature. 100% risk-free.

“I discovered my past clients were happy with the product, but they weren’t happy with the process.”

Meet Geoff McLelland, a remodeler who simplified and scaled his business by upgrading his client experiences with BuildBook.

Fidelis Remodeling

Ryan M.

Fidelis Remodeling

Customer rating

“We have had nothing but positive feedback from our clients and the designers that we work with. They love the daily update posts!”

Customer Initials GM

Geoff M.

REVEL Design | Build

Customer rating

"It was the simplicity of BuildBook that sold me."

Interior Enhancements

Kate M.

Interior Enhancements

Customer rating

“Can't imagine doing another remodel without it. Our client loved it too! It's like Instagram for your house build or remodel project, keeping everyone interested and looking forward to the next step.”

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Instant access to every BuildBook feature. 100% risk-free.