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Geoff McClelland





Geoff McClelland’s passion for building runs deep and has always been at the forefront of his life. 

It all began for Geoff as a kid when he discovered he was a fanatic when it came to building forts. Even though he began working for a landscaper at 14 he somehow kept coming back to his love of building. At 19 years old he left landscaping to pursue his true passion – building.

After spending several years learning all aspects of the trade while working for others, Geoff was ready to turn his entrepreneurial vision into reality.

Today, REVEL Design Build is a unique client-focused company based in Royal Oak, Michigan that is centered around delivering a peaceful renovation process. They’re known for superior craftsmanship, attention to detail and simple project management.

Running and growing a successful full-home remodeling company comes with plenty of challenges.

With an increasing number of projects running at once, Geoff began to notice it becoming more and more difficult to manage all of the moving pieces effectively.

On one particular project, Geoff missed a change request that was buried at the bottom of an email. When the project was complete, his client was disappointed when they didn’t see what they had asked for. It was after this $1,200 mistake that Geoff realized that these inefficiencies would ultimately cost him lost clients, time, and money.

While it seemed as though he and his team were working harder than ever before, their profits just weren’t getting any bigger. Geoff needed a solution to manage all of it. 

While searching for a solution that would manage “all of it”, Geoff found that most of the software available was difficult to learn, highly complex and expensive. Until he discovered BuildBook

According to Geoff, “BuildBook was easy to use and filled a gap that other software didn’t even address.”

Now that BuildBook has been integrated into their day-to-day operations, it’s made a big difference. 

Geoff says, “I’m easily saving at least 2 hours a day with BuildBook.”

Now that he can see progress updates through the pictures and videos his team posts to Buildbook, Geoff doesn’t need to drive between job sites each day and spends less time putting together daily progress reports for his clients.

The real game-changing difference for Geoff has been the increase in client satisfaction. By easily being able to continually communicate and share updates, there is no longer any confusion between his team and his clients — which makes everyone happy.

“BuildBook was easy to use and filled a gap that other software didn’t even address.”
“I’m easily saving at least 2 hours a day with BuildBook.”
"We were working harder than ever before — the revenues were getting bigger, but the profits were not."

With BuildBook, he found that he could keep his day-to-day schedule organized while simultaneously keeping multiple projects running smoothly — always knowing what things are getting done and when. 

On top of that BuildBook streamlines and manages the flow of project communication with clients, staff, and subcontractors so Geoff knows that a client change order never gets missed.

Want to decrease time spent and increase client satisfaction?

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