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We've reimagined all-in-one construction software for today's modern builder. Fast, powerful, and still no training required.

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Software is the most frustrating tool in your construction business, but it shouldn't be

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You need a better wayYou love building. But you don’t love the headaches that come with running your business. Late nights spent updating spreadsheets and schedules trying to make sure everyone is on the same page, then frantically putting out fires when they aren’t. You finish the job – but with a ton of stress, lost profits, and frustrated clients.

Your stitched-together system of notepads, text messages, email, and spreadsheets is barely working. And it's definitely not impressing anyone — or moving your company forward.

The "big guys" aren't helpingYou tried the big name “all-in-one” construction management tools. Probably multiple times. But because they are bloated, complicated and clunky, they slow your team down even more, and just don’t stick. The constant sales calls trying to convince you to come back aren’t helping either.  

But there’s a better way – we call it The BuildBook Way.

The BuildBook Way
We are hell-bent on building the best software for residential construction companies who just want to run their projects smoothly, keep everyone on the same page, and provide a top-notch experience that clients tell their friends about.

How? By ruthlessly focusing on a few core principles:

Speed and reliability are criticalYou need a tool that is as fast and reliable as your trusty notepad, but with a few new tricks that save you time. BuildBook empowers your team and speeds you up. It has all of the tools you need to get the job done, and none that you don’t. If you want a bloated platform that includes everything and the kitchen sink, give the big guys another try.

Communication is the foundationThe number one project-killer is miscommunication. Assumptions and lack of clear communication lead to costly mistakes and mistrust. BuildBook makes it easy for everyone involved to always know 1) What’s the status? 2) What’s happening next? and 3) What’s my role in it? Modern communication and collaboration tools that keep everyone moving forward together, without the TPS reports.

Rocket surgeons not needed
Software shouldn’t require an advanced degree to use. It should be so intuitive that any team member or client can jump right in — no training required. If you can use social media, you can use BuildBook.

Happy client, happy lifeWhen your client trusts your expertise and your process, everyone wins. Trust is earned through consistent communication, proactive follow up, and frequent progress updates. And let's not kid ourselves - your presentation matters too.

Most tools fall down in this area with clunky interfaces that are just plain annoying to use. BuildBook's stunning client dashboard makes it simple to keep your clients informed and impressed – without the overhead. Happy clients lead to successful projects, more profit, and more referrals.

We wanted a tool that had all of this for our construction business but couldn’t find it. Hundreds of you have told us you wanted a tool like this too. So, we decided to build it. 

Welcome to BuildBook. We can’t wait for you to see the difference for yourself.

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