Free Construction Schedule Template

Create a construction schedule using a template for Excel and Google Sheets in just minutes.

As part of our mission at BuildBook to help the construction industry build better, we created this pre-built Gantt schedule template as a free alternative to using construction scheduling software.

This free template is a simple-to-learn and quick-to-use tool for you to create and share a residential construction or remodeling project schedule using Excel or Google Sheets. Download it for free below and create a construction schedule in just minutes.

Download Schedule TemplateA free construction scheduling template for excel or google sheets

Make and Share Your Construction Schedule in just minutes

This construction scheduling template has been designed as a quick and easy-to-use way to make a schedule for your construction or remodeling projects and share it with your team in minutes! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Personalize

easy to customize construction schedule template

Customize the project schedule to make it your own for each project and client you use it for.

2. Schedule

gantt chart construction schedule builder

List your project tasks along with their start and end dates and the template will do the rest.

3. Share

printable construction schedule gantt chart from excel file

Download your completed project schedule in your preferred format to easily share.

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Learn more about Gantt charts and construction schedules

What is a construction Gantt chart?

A construction Gantt chart is a construction project schedule that lays everything out in a task-focused summary and is organized visual way. It focuses heavily on tasks - who will do them and how long they will take.

You can use project schedule software like BuildBook to create a schedule, or use a construction schedule template, like the free Gantt chart offered here for Excel or Google Sheets. Either option you choose, a Gantt chart schedule offers you the ability to accomplish the following:

  1. Know the order in which tasks must be completed
  2. Know how long a task will take in relation to the other tasks
  3. Assign tasks to your team, sub-contractors or other project participants
  4. Track milestones and meet project deadlines
  5. Track changes and make updates to the construction schedule

What is the difference between a construction schedule, construction timeline, and construction Gantt chart?

It can seem a little confusing when you’re faced with which construction template to use. If you Google construction schedule, construction timeline, or construction Gantt chart, you’ll be faced with so many options it’s pretty overwhelming.

The truth is, it’s not as complicated as it appears, a construction schedule, Gantt chart, and timeline all work together. Each one has similar elements but they focus on slightly different information.

Construction schedule templates contain nearly everything that's in a Gantt chart and construction timeline, but includes more detail about the overall project. It includes information about budgets, tasks, and timelines.

Gantt chart templates focus more on the project tasks and managing timeframe and team behind each of them. A Gantt chart can just be easier for everyone to follow and they are visually designed to keep the project moving forward.

Construction Timelines on the other hand, are a part of both construction schedules and Gantt charts. The simply lay out the overall time a project will take by breaking down each task. Timing is everything, so it allows you to see at a glance whether or not your project is on schedule.

Each of these is not only useful in a project, but they all work together to help you stay on schedule, on budget, and on task.

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What is a construction schedule?

A construction schedule is a timeline of each step of a construction project listed in the order they need to be completed before the next step is taken.

Working from a good construction scheduling template or construction scheduling software will help shape a construction project in terms of the time involved, skill and trades needed, overall scope, and project budget. A completed construction schedule will help general contractors estimate the length of time it will take to complete the project and provide the client a solid blueprint for what to expect along the way.

A good construction schedule will help alleviate stress and ensure projects run smoothly.

Construction schedule example

Whether you're using construction scheduling software or a construction schedule template in Excel, the most important part is that it needs to be easy to understand and contain all of the information needed to keep everyone informed and on track.

Using a Gantt chart for construction project scheduling makes it incredibly easy to quickly see a timeline with progression and overlapping steps that may or may not be dependent on each other.

The example below is from our free construction scheduling template (link to download is above).

example of a construction schedule