Home Depot Pro Desk vs. Lowe’s Pro Desk vs. Floor & Decor Pro
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Home Depot Pro Desk vs. Lowe’s Pro Desk vs. Floor & Decor Pro

BuildBook Team
September 16, 2022
September 16, 2022

If you’re a pro in residential construction, chances are you’re looking for the best rewards program for your business. It’s no surprise that the most popular ones are Home Depot Pro Desk, Lowes Pro MVP Rewards, and Floor & Decor ProPremiere Rewards. 

We’re doing a full comparison to let you know what services each offers and which is the best for your business. If you want to jump to any section, use the table of contents below.

Home Depot Pro Desk

- Who can use Home Depot Pro Desk?

What is Home Depot Pro Xtra?

- Grow your residential construction business with Home Depot

Lowe’s MVPs Pros Rewards Program

- How do Paint Rewards work?

- Tier system rewards

- Everyday Pro Benefits

Floor & Decor ProPremiere Rewards

- Services offered

Which program is the best?

Your turn (with a added bonus)

Home Depot Pro Desk

There’s a reason that Home Depot Pro Desk is ready to help you with any job in a flash. You can place orders online, by phone, by email, or in store. What’s even more helpful is that they have pickup assistance on standby.

Some additional features include quick checkout, helpful associates, and their savings program that offers Bulk Pricing eligible products. You can apply volume price savings to orders that qualify.

Who can use Home Depot Pro Desk?

Home Depot has always put Pros first, and it shows. Pro Desk is exclusively available for Pros, professionals, and business owners. 

You can find the Pro Desk inside Home Depot retail locations. For Pro orders, it's located near the loading bay. Simply assemble your project list and organize a bid and delivery with Home Depot. You can check out right from the desk. 

What is Home Depot Pro Xtra?

Pro Xtra is an exclusive loyalty program for Pros where you can earn perks four times faster. Every $1 you spend moves you $4 closer to unlocking additional perks. How can you access these perks? Just use your Pro Xtra Credit Card.

Home Depot Pro Xtra is great for home builders and remodelers. Save on volume pricing, earn paint rewards, and enjoy member-only offers on products and services.

You can get these exclusive offers by email, direct mail, or through the in-app message center. 

Grow your residential construction business with Home Depot

If you’re a member of Pro Xtra, you have access to an online experience like no other. You can easily track your purchase history, sync your account to QuickBooks, or even create quotes. 

When you track your purchases, you’re in control. Just scan your Virtual ID before you checkout in store or online to earn your perks. 

Lowe’s MVPs Pros Rewards Program

Lowe’s royalty program also offers great benefits to Pros. Lowe’s offers e-gift cards once your spending reaches $2,500. In addition, you can qualify for prizes, bonus points, and paint rewards.

How do Paint Rewards work?

Paint Rewards require a minimum of $1,000 spent before you’re eligible. After you register, benefits are based on qualifying spend and registered purchases with your eligible paint purchases. 

Tier system rewards

In addition, Lowe’s has a new tier system that rewards Pros based on how much they spend. At the silver level, Pros start earning 1% back on purchases and one free drink or snack per month.

At the platinum level, Pros can earn 1.5% back which starts at $25,000, and three drinks or snacks per month. At this top tier, you’re also eligible for bonus points and entered to win All-Pro Prizes.

Everyday Pro Benefits 

Similar to Home Depot, Lowe’s also offers additional benefits as a part of their program. MVP Pros have options like volume and bulk savings, project calculators, and the Pro service desk for project assistance.

Lowe’s also helps with additional services such as MSDS searches, E-Procurement, and tool rentals.

Floor & Decor ProPremiere Rewards 

ProPremiere Rewards from Floor & Decor are a great option for home construction Pros that want their rewards all from one place. They have a dedicated team ready to answer any call and offer free design services that provide a hands-on experience for busy business owners.

Want to learn more? We go more in depth here about why this is our favorite choice for home builders. 

Not only does Floor and Decor partner with major brands like Rubi and Miracle Sealant’s Company, but they also have Pro education trainings in-store and online. 

Services offered

ProPremiere offers some services specifically for painters like free design services, samples, and a dedicated pro app. 

You can earn $1 for every dollar spent up to $3,000 and $3 for every dollar spent over $3,000. You can also show your customer’s receipts for rewards and get discounted rates on business and marketing tools. 

Which program is the best?

If you own a home building or remodeling company, our favorite choice has to be Floor & Decor Rewards. Not only do they specialize in the design services that you’re looking for, but their hands-on touch to business is something your business can’t go without.

When it comes to tiered rewards, Lowe’s has a straightforward system that lets you earn as you shop. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a rewards system where you can earn perks even faster, Home Depot’s Pro Xtra could be what you’re looking for. 

Because you earn perks four times faster, you’ll save even more on volume pricing, earn paint rewards, and enjoy member-only offers on products and services.

Your turn (with an added bonus)

Ready to grow your business? While you're deciding which program is best for your company, check out added incentive that Floor & Decor members receive when they sign up to use BuildBook in their business. Improve your productivity and save time and money while focusing on business growth.


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