How to Respond to Negative Reviews (+ Examples)

How to Respond to Negative Reviews (+ Examples)

BuildBook Team
September 23, 2022
December 21, 2022

If you have a home building or remodeling company, you’re no stranger to reviews. Reviews are one of the most important aspects of your business. Why? Because positive reviews drive sales, establish credibility, and position you as a leader in your space. However, negative reviews will do the exact opposite.

So what should you do when you receive a review that’s not so positive? Check out these tips on how to respond to and overcome negative reviews.

Don’t ignore them

It may seem smart to pretend like negative reviews simply don’t exist, but when you have a long list of negative comments and no one is responding to them, it can actually make your company look like they don’t care about the customer.

While that may not be your intention, responding gives your home rebuilding company an opportunity to reinforce good aspects about your services, customer service, and the things that keep your customers coming back.

Make sure you’re responding to as many reviews as you can. Pay attention to the negative reviews, but also reply to neutral and positive ones. If manually maintaining reviews seems too overwhelming, consider turning to a review management software.

Acknowledge the issue

Your customers want to feel heard. Make sure when you’re replying to negative reviews, you show them this by restating the issue and apologizing. 

Refrain from justifying issues or “arguing” with your customers. Not only is it a bad look, but it will appear as if you don’t take responsibility for your actions. 

Talk about customer service

Start with an apology for the service they received. You could start with something like this:


We’re sorry that you had a poor experience with us. Customer service is our number one priority and we are working to make this right. We have gone over your issue and will address the problem with our team and get back to you. 


Make sure that when you respond to customers, be specific and address their issue before offering a solution. Outline the steps you’re taking to make things right.

Ask for the customer’s contact info

To show the customer that you’re dedicated to solving their issue, you should ask for their contact information or provide your contact email so the customer can get in touch. 
Do this so you can make the effort to take the conversation offline and ideally, on the phone or in person. Remember not to take offense to negative feedback and use this as a way to present your company’s customer service skills. You should always aim to make it easier for the customer to leave a review. 

Provide updates

It can be a good idea to update your responses to customer feedback, especially when you’ve resolved the issue. 


Hey Angela,

Thanks for speaking with me regarding your experience and allowing me to help with your floor remodel. 

Feedback is very important to us. We look forward to helping you with your future home remodeling needs.


- Joe


How to respond on contractor review platforms


On Yelp, comments can be made directly to the page with a comment or a direct message. Comments will help your customers see that you’re replying to their issues and providing great customer service.

In order to respond to reviews, you’ll need to have an approved profile photo and business account name. 

Make sure you personalize your comment by addressing the issue, the user by name, and the steps you plan to take to resolve the issue.


Replying to a review on Google is similar to Yelp. Before you do, your business has to be verified. Your review will be posted publicly, although it may not appear immediately.

You can reply to reviews on Google search or Google Maps. Your replies can be edited from the website or the app and inappropriate reviews can be reported.


You can respond to reviews on Houzz by replying directly to the comment. Be sure to offer an explanation to the reviewer and reassure your clients that the issue won’t happen again.

It can be helpful to offer a solution to the problem right in the comment and follow up with the reviewer. Accountability goes a long way.


Reviews can be responded to on Angi by going to the Angi Business Center. Once there, you can go to the reviews drop-down menu and respond. Your review will either post immediately or go through a reviewing status by the team.

You should try to respond or mitigate the issue before considering removing a bad review. 

Tips to get more reviews

Utilize an email list

If you acquire leads through email or perform a lot of your communication through email, it can be a great way to get a review from your customers.

Before asking for a review, consider your customer’s experience. Don’t ask for reviews if your customer wasn’t satisfied.

You can choose to do an automated follow-up or personalize your review strategy. Your message could look something like this:


Hey Dave,

We’re so glad we could help you with your bedroom remodel. We really enjoyed working with you on your designs.

Do you mind leaving a review? Good reviews help us to continue to provide great service to our customers.

You can leave a review here.

Thanks again,

- Evelyn


Ask for reviews upfront

Additionally, you could ask for a review directly from the customer. Video reviews, or testimonials, are a great way for your audience to see real people who enjoy your products and services.

And, with the rise of popularity in video, you’ll have an important asset you can use anywhere on your website. 

Make it easy for your customer if they agree. You can film the video where they are or require them to fill out a short form with their video attached.

Be appreciative

Your customer’s time is important. When asking for a review, be sure you make the process as easy as possible. Don’t bombard your customer with long forms, processes, or emails.

When asking for a review, keep your email or conversation short and let your customer know upfront what the incentives are for leaving a review. 

Social media reviews

Many people trust business owners if they have social proof. Another way to get reviews is to ask your customers for a testimonial you can share on your social media page.

This can be in the form of video, writing, or a graphic. You can also use reviews to grow your customer base.

Repurpose reviews on individual social channels or on your website.

Make sure the customer outlines what they liked best about your service and why they would recommend it.

Respond and give great customer service 

Empathy can go a long way, especially in the world of reviews. Let your customer know that you understand their issue and you’re working hard to make things right.

You can either leave your contact information right in the comment or reach out personally. Make sure you let your customer know there is a solution to their problem and that you’re working to make things right.

Above all, effective engagement is the way to win your customers’ loyalty and trust. Now you’re ready to go out and get more 5-star reviews!


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