The Top 10 TikTok Channels for Construction Pros in 2024
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The Top 10 TikTok Channels for Construction Pros in 2024

BuildBook Team
November 11, 2021
April 25, 2024

TikTok is probably new to most home builders’ and remodelers’ vocabulary and, like us, you probably thought it was just some new trend for tweens looking to become internet famous. Well, it’s not. It’s among the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world

Although TikTok originally started in 2016 as a short-form dance and lip-sync video sharing platform, it has evolved into a full-fledged video social network with videos ranging from 15 seconds to 3 minutes. It hosts a variety of content for viewers of all ages from those viral dance videos, comedy skits, and even education.  

Why Does TikTok Matter for Your Construction Business?

With over 130 million users in North America alone, TikTok is giving Instagram Reels, and even YouTube, a run for its money. According to Business of Apps statistics, Americans spend an average of 68 minutes each day watching video content on TikTok. And it’s changing the way we do business. Now TikTok is featuring everything from products and how-to's created by industry professionals to targeted marketing - all in the form of entertainment. 

Despite the growing success and popularity of the platform, as builders and remodelers you still may not think this applies to you — but it does. 

You don’t need to search very hard to find stories of businesses having success on TikTok, like a California-based carpet repair business that has generated 19.2 million likes and 762,000 followers by filming short and engaging clips of their repairs (like the one below). Or, the small home decor business that has built an audience of 160,000 followers by filming their designs.

Even realtors are getting some serious traction acquiring new clients and selling homes, which says a lot about the potential for home builders and remodelers. 

While TikTok is still relatively new, especially to those of us in construction, there are already a handful of companies we’ve found that seem to have figured out the formula for all of us to follow. 

The Top TikTok Channels for Construction 

We highlighted our top 10 picks for TikTok channels that can help builders and remodelers learn about new products, how to market their business, and hear from their peers.

The American Contractor Show

With 5.9 million likes, is one of the most-watched channels for builders and remodelers. Tag line? “We are all about celebrating Contractors.” The content is focused on roofing construction and products. And, hey, don’t we all need to know a bit more about roofing?

They specialize in partnering with brands that make products for contractors and they highlight them in a fun and entertaining way. So although it looks like most of the content is sponsored, you can learn a lot about tools and techniques. 

RR Buildings

If you want to follow a TikTok channel full of practical videos, @rrbuildings spans a great variety of topics. Run by Kyle Stumpenhorst, RR Buildings covers things like tool reviews, tips on working with metal roofing, and pouring concrete. You can even follow a project from beginning to end. And the projects you’ll see are actual jobs RR Buildings is working on with tips geared towards contractors - not your average DIY-er. 

RR Buildings’ 1.7 Million followers and over 22 million likes kind of says it all. So start watching and hitting some of those hearts on your faves.

Awesome Framers

The name says it all — the awesome @awesomeframers channel is … well, awesome. With 1.5 million likes, they promote learning through experience and have an impressive lineup of short videos showing you everything from a window installation to irregular roof framing. They even show you how to center a double cheek cut.

While the crew at @awesomeframers seem to be having a lot of fun while working, watch out, this channel can suck you in and prevent you from working. 

That Tile Chick

We’ve mentioned @thattilechick before in our post “The Top 15 YouTube Channels for Builder and Remodelers,” and for good reason. Schannon Yodice recently quit her 9-5 corporate job and has flourished as a tile setter and entrepreneur. Her advocacy for people to enter the trades is refreshing and she gives some great advice on how to get started. Plus, she’s got a great tip on how to get scuffs off of tile, and that alone is worth hitting the follow button.

All her tips are top-notch and full of helpful information for any builder or remodeler. You can watch time-lapse videos of her tiling, and she even breaks it up with some on-trend dance videos to keep it entertaining. Her audience loves her videos too, with over 105.5k followers and 630K likes.

Construction Tips

Sam Irwin gives out some pretty great tips and tricks for real construction pros. His channel, @constructiontips, is chock full of decking videos along with other handy videos that cover nifty tools - and even some basic math. He has some fun giveaways and encourages his followers to engage with him through the comments. 

Sam keeps it entertaining and most of his videos are under 30 seconds. If you’re looking for information real pros can use, these short videos are the way to go. Not to mention that you might even win a Dewalt drill set.

The Drywall Guy

Jake Stucky is The Drywall Guy and his channel @TheDrywallGuy is a combination of helpful information and a little fun. There are amusing videos of him playing golf with his dog, how-to’s, and some great reviews of tools he’s using on the job site. So even though you have to weed through the strong man videos, it’s worth it. Jake’s drywall work is clean and he’s got great technique. 

It also looks like some full-length instructional videos are in the works. But for now, you might want to jump on board and follow this guy on TikTok!

The Buildsters

The channel @thebuildsters provides construction-related content that is meant for real industry professionals. There are hundreds of videos where you can find tips on hardscapes, landscaping, interior flooring, concrete, plumbing, and so much more. The content is fun and easy to watch. 

Carpentry by Sam

This @carpentry_bysam channel gives you all sorts of carpentry hacks to make your life on the job site a little easier. With plenty of contractor inspiration and interesting videos, trust us when we say you’ll forever strive to get Sam’s organizational skills. From his garage to his mobile office/carpentry van, you’ll be impressed all the way.

Home Repair Tutor

The @homerepairtutor might seem like a DIY channel at first, but you’ll find useful tips any builder or remodeler can appreciate. Jeff Patterson, a handyman based out of Pittsburgh, PA, takes viewers through bathroom remodels and other related tasks like plumbing and tiling. He covers a lot of ground in a short period and points out some great tips to help you avoid pitfalls. 

Kruger Construction

Murray Kruger at @krugerconstruction runs you through some of the most innovative tools on the market. He also offers up clever tips that will give you some ah-ha moments to make you smile. And if we had to guess, there are probably plenty of happy contractors that are no longer frustrated at a stripped screw! 

TikTok: Learning Tool or Marketing Tool?

That’s a good question… and one only you can answer. The platform is not yet over-saturated with millions of builders and remodelers so it’s a great start for a newbie. You can highlight your projects or share your expertise with other builders and remodelers. 

You can cross-post with Instagram and YouTube, which is a huge time saver. For even more convenience, both platforms allow you to auto-post, which is great for consistency. Scheduling your posts gives you the flexibility to post every day or every week, depending on your preferences.

If it’s more followers you’re looking for, TikTok allows your business to target a specific demographic, like people who follow design-inspired channels, or people in your zip code. Remember to keep an eye out for what’s trending and keep up with TikTok’s business learning center for tips on new video features to use in your posts. Most of the TikTok users are looking for entertaining content, so keep it fun and get creative!

If you’re just looking to benefit from helpful, educational video content for builders and remodelers, start by following our recommendations above. You’ll find a lot to keep you scrolling!


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