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The construction journey for Colin and Christina Beck all began in 2013 when the husband and wife duo decided to renovate their home in Cincinnati, Ohio.

It was after their home remodeling project that they discovered they really enjoyed the entire process and worked well together. So over the next six years, while Colin continued to work full-time in his outside sales career, the couple continued purchasing, remodeling and selling properties on the side.

In 2019, Colin and Christina made the decision to go full-time with their company, Vero Home (Italian translation, true home) — which is now a combination of flipping their own properties and client home remodeling projects.

Since going full-time with Vero Home, Colin and Christina made the decision to begin taking on client home remodeling projects. 

While they had already had several years of experience managing the challenges of working together on their own projects, they now needed to figure out how to apply that to working with outside clients.

This meant there would need to be a very strong channel of communication between the Vero Home team and their clients, but that was something that they had to find out the hard way.

Without a good process in place, the endless stream of messages during was not only stress inducing, but it led to project delays and additional hours and expenses on projects that couldn’t be recovered.

These challenges made them honestly consider whether they should ditch client work altogether.

After getting a chance to step back from their experience, the pair came to an eye-opening realization — they didn’t have a client problem, they had a communication problem.

Colin said, “Our problem wasn’t project management or time getting lost, it was communication.”

“The ROI has been huge.”

According to Colin, the return on using BuildBook was made on their very first job using it. “I can tell you matter of factly, even with just BuildBook’s Selections feature (in Project tools), it has saved us money.”

They’ve also been able to alleviate a huge amount of day-to-day stress knowing that they’ve communicated what they’ve needed to during client projects. This has meant that they don’t need to sacrifice profit because there is clarity on both sides about what decisions have been made and who made them.

Going into using BuildBook, they believed that if, at minimum, BuildBook could help them save enough time and stress to do just one extra job during the year, it would easily pay for itself.

Not only did they quickly exceed that goal, but they now have a process in place with BuildBook that creates a great remodeling experience for both them and their clients.

"The fact that BuildBook understood and solved the exact problem we were experiencing was the connection we needed"
"Our problem wasn’t project management or time getting lost, it was communication"
Vero Home at work
"I was constantly getting text messages, emails, phone calls … and at the end of that project I said, I’m done. I’m never doing a remodel ever again."
Vero Home on the project siteColin Beck with Vero Home

They needed to get organized, which meant getting better at documenting client selections and change requests, proactively sending updates to their clients and getting control of the flow of communication with everyone involved. 

Once they discovered BuildBook, they knew it was exactly what they needed.

Christina said, “the fact that BuildBook understood and solved the exact problem we were experiencing was the connection we needed”.

Want to save enough time and stress to do an extra job per year?

And if it’s not the tool for you, we won’t hound you to sign up.